9 jul. 2017

SonnenFlat; tarifa plana de electricidad por $30/mes

With energy prices set to rise again from July 2017, the ability to receive free grid electricity with your solar battery purchases is an opportunity many Australians wouldn’t miss. Yet, what seems like a pipe-dream may now be a reality, at least for customers of sonnen batteries with the official Australian launch of sonnenFlat on July 5th.

Energy Matters’ parent company Flex is the the exclusive distributor of sonnen batteries in Australia and as such Energy Matters’ customers can now be eligible to sign up for sonnenFlat packages.

SonnenFlat promises to give eligible households flat electricity from just $30 a month, 24 hours a day, even when the battery is empty and the sun is not shining! It’s another revolutionary move from the world’s leading company in home energy storage. It promises a huge shift in way solar and electricity is utilized and valued in Australia.

Eligible sonnenBatterie owners who sign up to sonnenFlat will receive access to grid electricity based on the size of a their battery system, the total amount of solar power the customer has installed and their expected home energy consumption.

In return for giving a customer access to sonnenFlat electricity packages, sonnen will occasionally be able to draw electricity stored in a network of sonnen batteries in a virtual power plant scenario to help balance the energy grid during times of high usage demand, helping improve Australia in making the shift to distributed generation and alleviate grid bottlenecks when is most needed.